The overwhelming benefit is that people in all stages of life can have improved quality of life by soft tissue therapy.


Soft tissue therapy releases endorphins, this produces a natural high, improving the clients mood.  The muscles fibres are realigned, which aids blood flow through the fibres healing both deep and superficial tissues. The realignment of the fibres assists in injury prevention by improved flexibility.


As the tissues are flushed with fresh, oxygenated blood, tension and waste products such as lactic acid and calcium which can produce pain are removed. This allows improved sleep, which in itself is a natural healer.  


Improved quality of sleep for everybody allows improved function of the mind which can reduce stress whilst improving performance at work.  


With those participating in sporting activities at whatever level the improved sleep allows improved training as the body has recharged. The increased flexibility alongside the benefits of flushing the muscle fibres allows improved training performance by allowing competitors to train more often or have quality sessions as detrimental elements have been removed.  Additionally soft tissue therapy improves circulation improves breathing through the oxygenated blood. It warms and stretches muscles which results in relaxation. This assists with reception of training / work demands.


Let us show you how Soft Tissue Therapy can help you:
  • Postural assesment

  • Soft Tissue Release

  • Muscle Energy Techniques

  • General massage

  • Alleviation of Repetative Strain Injuries & associated pain

  • Pre /post event massage

Physical therapy on leg
Soft tissue therapy on leg
Remedial soft tissue therapy


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